Monday, October 5, 2015

Noah Steals the Rhyme

This was an interesting assignment. We were to find a poem that rhymes. Next, take all of the end rhymes—those are the rhymes that end each line—take all of those and rewrite substituting the rest of the lines leading up to those rhyming words with our own writing!

Noah Steals the Rhyme!

There is no time, 
with all the crime, 
who is free to sit and rhyme

This world used to be so refined, 
Now the thoughts are so confined
There is no good and bad defined
I have a task on hand assigned
And that is the only thing I could mind
And save the man from his own mankind

All the good ones are in jail
The convicts have already got the bail
Its high time I come out of vale
And follow the trail
There is going to be a quail
And may be followed by a gale
He may be eaten up by a whale
Or crushed into pieces by its tail
My job is to get the best ones to sail

All the work to do and days only equal to nine
Before that I need to get everything in line
Grab the best ones and not wait for their opine
And just take them on this journey gifted by the divine
Once they know they will not whine
And peacefully on the deck will they dine
Perfect boat for all will I have to design
Only so that the world will see another sunshine

Not me, so who could have written such a beautiful rhyme? 
Though it would seem to you a crime,
But I really didn’t have the time
To let such an old story be sublime
Without wasting any of my dime. 


P.s. - Next assignment is even more interesting... Its something called a Lipogram. Where we need to choose a vowel - a, ,e, i, o, u (that was just to brush up your knowledge ;)) and write something that could use only that 1 vowel in the entire poem. Now thats a task i am working on!!!