Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things I would relive if I were back to school!

  1. Writing with pencils and pens
  2. Writing in note books!
  3. Wearing school uniform and comparing with the hotties of the school (secretly) if I look as sexy as her in the same uniform! ;)
  4. Waiting for Birthdays, so that I can flaunt in my new dress!!!
  5. Those 5 minute gossips between 2 periods
  6. Being possessive about all my compass possessions!
  7. Annual Day preparations...
  8. Using glitter pens and colorful pens for projects!!
  9. Looking forward to recess and discussing all the time with my friends what they have for dabba!
  10. Last day of the exam!
  11. Fear of oral exams
  12. Night mares of mathematics assignments
  13. Ways and means to delay diwali homework
  14. Lunch breaks
  15. Study periods being converted to games periods
  16. Sharing of Tiffin
  17. Pranks with friends – putting fake lizards on teacher’s chairs
  18. Bunking
  19. The entire class being punished
  20. Chalk fights
  21. Food / water fights
  22. Rains during PE classes
  23. School wala pyaarrrr … crushes... link ups…
  24. Hating teacher’s pets! ;)
  25. Imitating teachers
  26. Copying from toppers notes
  27.  Doodling while teacher’s dictating notes
  28.  Taking appropriate revenge while you get the chance to be class monitor
  29.  School picnics and funfairs and Sports days!
  30. Visiting under privileged children
  31. First day of school, showing off new bags and shoes and batches and blah blah…

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What good "Change" brings...? Why do we strive for "Change" everytime?

We have all heard "Change is inevitable...", "Change is the only permanent thing in life..." ... And though we may accept or not, uncounciously everyone of us strives to bring some or the other change in our lives.... When we feel there is no change happening, we call it 'boring'...
Some of us may even fear Change externally,,, and may try to escape it as well...(happens with me,,,)... 
but i guess in the end all of us go through it...knowingly or unknowingly...

What happens in those moments when you have just shifted to the new happening... moments when you are still encountering change...? 
Something very intersting happened with me in such moments...After my wedding, i had to shift to my husband's house and eventhough it is in the same city, i was very anxious of the event since past couple of months... 
Now what happened when i shifted....
i had already left my mom-dad house to shift to my husband's place (as per the indian tradition... :-/), still unknown to the surroundings and the new environment, new people, everything new... and suddenly i realised that the level of my presence of mind had improved drastically... 
"Live in the present moment" came so effortlessly... and this led to a series of miracles around me! (miracle since it would have been almost impossible otherwise...) ... i could actually start doing minial things that i thought were never possible for me...  small things that required a lot of effort earlier became effortless... like remembering smallest of things to carry from upper floor to ground floor (for which earlier i would have had to climb stairs 50 times..., managing multi tasking which included not only taking care of personal needs and office but also the family needs and a lot more... it was all happening and i was myself so amazed by the actions happening through me....

This is what happens with most of us when we are undergoing the process of change.... when we come out of routine to do something... suddenlly the level of awareness increases so much that you effortlessly start performing better and feeling better... we start living in the present moment and 100% comes so easily.. 

Eventually all of us strive to be in that beautifull state of consciousness where you are 100% in the presence moment.. and this to certain extent clarifies why we strive for constant change,,,,

The best part is on the path of seva - sadhana - satsang, one need not wait for major changes to experience "being in present moments".... such moments of are not very difficult to experience...