Sunday, May 1, 2011


One evening, just a day before my exam, few of my cousins turned up at my place and they din bother to call me from my room coz they thought it might just disturb me! :) And when i went over to greet them, one of them just commented, " oh my god! how is it before the exam? ears banging? head spinnig????"

It was just then i realised, that for so many of them it must really have been like this? and this must something like what was called "EXAM PRESSURE"!!! Going through the texts till the last moment! Tea s and Coffees to remain up till late nights! nervous breakdowns! going on fasts! and what not!!! This is something most of us go through a few nights/hours before The Exam!

Somehow in the past few years i have realised, i havent experienced any of these!

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