Saturday, August 15, 2015

That strange place...

It is a strange place...
I am all by myself,
I am  in my own home,
I am with my own people
There are others as well,
But its still all alone.

There is bright sun outside,
Water is all sparkling diamonds...
Breeze is making the leaves dance in all its grace
Grass on the ground is all aiming for the sky,
The whole nature is calling me to be one with it,
But here I am, all secluded in this dark place,

Music is falling on the drums,
Colors are falling on the retina,
But the mind has shut itself off from all the outside world

It is beating faster than ever.
I have been here only in my nightmares,
I have never opened this door before.
I have always kept it locked,
But Today the ghosts have come out.
And The only thing that matters right now is u,

It will take time to turn them back
It will take time to lock them in
Or they will haunt me every where I go,

They don't want me to experience life around me,
The blazing sun, the sparkling water, the dancing leaves, the lush ground,
The melodious music, the live colors,
The love of belongingness,

These ghosts are the result of your presence, of your unconditional love, of your absence,
But I have to make this journey on my own.
Its a choice that I have made,
I have to let u leave,
I have to embrace this strange place,
Because this is where I will find solace in the end,
And they say, in the end nothing will matter.
Let's see...!


Akshay Joshi said...

Bauj masst!

Arohi Mehta said...

Thank you.. :)

Priyanka Dave said...

Beautifully expressed! Looking forward to many more beautiful writings by none other than bubbly, charismatic and talented Aarohi! Keep it up :-)

Arohi Mehta said...

Thank you Priyanka... :):)