Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ocean of Love...

Vast and deep, as is
My love,
Pure and transparent, as is
My love
Always there, as is
My love

A dip can give thee highest ecstasy, as is
My love
A look can show thee true self, as is
My love
Extends beyond the lines of horizon, as is
My love.

Has been there since the beginning of time, as is
My love
Will be there till the end of world, as is
My love
Older than the oldest, yet newer than the newest, as is
My love

Rise and rise, fall and rise, as is
My love
Waiting for the river to complete its journey and merge into, as is
My love....



LEAAD said...

I'm happy you have discovered the poetess in you.

Arohi Mehta said...