Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Clouds of fear surround me,
The bows of wild thots tear me,
Into pieces i m left...,
but arranged properly they have been kept...
Like a doll i'd dance,
Mite rise or fall at neone's stance...
With u being with me, i had life,
And u getting away from me, it feels like a cut of sharp knife..,
with u being with me, i had smiles...,
And now u away from me, i walk alone long till miles...

you left me alone for the one u love?
And love was for wat i let u go...............



Bhaumik said...

i was goin' through your profile on facebook, and opened your blogs and really njoyed reading 'em.
So, do you still write poems? BTW, this one is sweet! You must've been in school back then, huh?

-Tamu Sutterwala

Aarohi said...

hey ya... this one was written in school.. and i do still 'em but very rarely..:) thank you!

PALLAV said...

Good flow of emotions ..nice simplicity and yet touching ... keep writing..