Monday, March 7, 2011

A Start!

It has been a mystry what actually pulled me towards the It, but yes, His photo in my first course definately raised a lot a questions and yet a ownership feeling...and for years i waited for what was called The First SudarshanKriya of my liffe and yeah things started to change after that! That one moment when i was as aware of feeling the smallest cell of my body yet so restfull and thoughtless, and exactly this was that moment which i want everone to experience and which keeps me going with the whole thing!

Moments of utter grace, luck and so much knowledge, is what i see when i flash back my life after getting on with My Guru! Now coming to what keeps me working for Him is my unshakable trust and commitment for His words. I know nothing comes with a garuntee of life time njoyment, and there will be times when i would jus be tired of doing whatever i have to, but along with that, that one thing, commitment, is definately above all such feeling level and that is the only thing which has made the real Me.


Hiren's Gallore. said...

Nice Start.
Keep Going

Kushal said...

very spiritual....