Friday, March 11, 2011


"I have absolutely no idea what i m going to write in this post, and I just dont want to write, but since i have promised myself to write something every two days, m definately going to take the pain and just type!"

Have you ever noticed that this is exactly that thing what we lack in life??? its is so easy to make a start but once all said and done, there is so much effort required to just continue! taking a initiative may be a tough job, but taking responsibility to push it to the end is always tougher! But at the same time we just need to take a step, leaving our laziness and the fear behind and thats when every single step towards your goal is lessened!

What particularly stops us from taking that second step? may be the overjoy of doing the start so nicely and just being in that happiness mode? fear of not being as good as we were before? or just laziness...????

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