Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beautiful Path...

I am the flower waiting for the sun to rise,
I am the fields that runs to meet the sky,
I am the peacock waiting for the first drops of water from the sky,
I am the river gushing to meet the ocean,

My only purpose is,
to blossom till you are up in the sky,
To go the farthest and be the horizon,
To dance with all my beauty and grace,
To flow into you and take the salty identity,

The path is what I live for,
The end is what I long for...

However long,
Its the journey that gives me joy,
Its the journey that makes me want you more,
Its the journey that gives birth to love,
Its the journey that makes the end so rich...


Shruti Nagda said...

Wow! Beautifully written :) Never knew u write & express so beautifully. I thought u were only a voracious reader.

Arohi Mehta said...

:):) Thank you Di... :) I used to write a lot back in school... Rekindling the creativity within these days... ;)

Harsh Shukla said...

Wow, you write great poems, Aarohi! You should blog/write more. Most people out there don't realize how much writing regularly & even reading daily helps. Not just for creativity & expressing ideas, but it also develops thought processes, stress maintenance, etc.
-Harsh Shukla (Hardik)

Arohi Mehta said...

Hey hardik.. thank you for the compliments... Yes I completely agree with you, writing as well as reading helps a lot... :) I started writing after a long time.. Now hoping to continue... :)

Amruta Gajjar said...

Lovely.. Enjoyed reading it... And btw I too had the same thing for writing in school days... Again.. U inspired me!! Yooo

Arohi Mehta said...

He he... Thanks... Feels good to inspire a talent volcano like you... :-*